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The Book of Honor Cover

The Book of Honor

Written by Ted Gup
Read by Frank Muller

Work ID: 72962

ISBN: 9780553753059

Format: Abridged Audiobook Download

List Price: $12.95

On Sale Date: Jul 5, 2000

In the entrance of the CIA headquarters looms a huge marble wall into which seventy-one stars are carved-each representing an agent who has died in the line of duty. Official CIA records only name thirty-five of them, however. Undeterred by claims that revealing the identities of these "nameless stars" might compromise national security, Ted Gup sorted through thousands of documents and interviewed over 400 CIA officers in his attempt to bring their long-hidden stories to light. The result of this extraordinary work of investigation is a surprising glimpse at the real lives of secret agents, and an unprecedented history of the most compelling-and controversial-department of the US government.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Douglas S. Mackiernan

Jerome P. Ginley

William P. Boteler

Howard Carey

Frank C. Grace Jr.

Wilburn S. Rose

Chiyoki Ikeda

Thomas "Pete" Ray

Nels L. Benson

Riley Shamburger

Wade Gray

Leo Baker

John G. Merriman

Barbara Robbins

Buster Edens

Edward Johnson

Mike Deuel

Mike Maloney

John W. Waltz

Louis A. O'Jibway

Walter L. Ray

Billy Jack Johnson

Wayne McNulty

Jack W. Weeks

Hugh Francis Redmond

Paul C. Davis

David L. Konzelman

John "Lone Star" Kearns

John Peterson

Ray Seaborg

Wilbur Murray Greene

Raymond Raynor

William E. Bennett

Richard S. Welch

James S. Rawlings

Ivan B. King

Dennis J. Gabriel

Robert C. Ames

James F. "Sword" Lewis

Monique Lewis

Kenneth E. Haas

Phyliss N. Faraci

William R. Sheil

Deborah M. Hixon

Frank J. Johnston

Scott J. Van Lieshout

Curtis R. Wood

Richard C. Spicer

William F. Buckley

Richard D. Krobock

Matthew K. Gannon

George Lacey

Michael Atkinson

Pharies "Bud" Petty

James Spessard

George Rudolph Bensch

Gerhard Hermann Rieger

Robert W. Woods

Lawrence Freedman

Lansing H. Bennett

Frank A. Darling

Freddie R. Woodruff

James M. Lewek

John A. Celli


From the Hardcover edition.

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