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Why was my order cancelled?
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While we may attempt to contact you (via phone or email) prior to cancelling your order, we reserve the right to void any transaction without further notice. An order may be cancelled for a variety of reasons that include:

  • You cancelled the order yourself.

  • You incorrectly entered your credit card number or expiration date.

  • The AVS (Address Verification Service) security check resulted in an inconsistent match between the address information you provided and the information on file at your bank.

  • The CVV code did not match the number on your card.

  • You did not provide all requested information at the time of the order.

  • The contact email address used in the order is a "free" Web mail address (such as yahoo.com, msn.com, web.de, hotmail.com, etc.) or does not contain an expected domain name.

  • The name or company name on the credit card did not match the name or company of the person submitting the order.

If you feel your order was cancelled mistakenly please contact our customer service department via email at ecustomerservice@randomhouse.com.

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