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What are Random House's plan to transition to the EAN.UCC-13?
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Random House's transition to the EAN

January 1, 2005, marked the date set forth by the Uniform Code Council when US and Canadian retailers were expected to be able to scan, store and process the EAN bar code in addition to the UPC currently in widespread use in North America. This date is commonly known as Sunrise 2005.

Random House, Inc., is committed to making the transition as smooth as possible.

The book industry has been utilizing both the UPC and EAN for bar coding books for many years. The Book Industry Study Group announced and unanimously approved a decision during its annual meeting and that all book products should carry only a single item-specific bar code on cover four and that bar code should be the EAN.UCC-13.

In order to facilitate this transition, Random House, Inc., will begin printing all books with an EAN.UCC-13 bar code on cover four beginning with new titles as follows:
- Children's new titles beginning with on sale May 2005.
- Adult new titles beginning with on sale September 2005.

Over the next several years, backlist titles and formats that currently carry either dual bar codes or a UPC will be reprinted with a single EAN bar code.

If you have any questions regarding Random House's transition to the EAN please e-mail us at

For additional information please visit the following websites:

Book Industry Study Group

The Uniform Code Council

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