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General eCommerce and User Questions:
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  1. To where can I download a chapter that I have just purchased? What are the devices that can support these downloads?
    Adobe Digital Editions runs on many Windows and some Macintosh computers. Click here for more on sup...
  2. Can I give the chapter I purchased to someone else?
    No, the chapter you purchased is intended for your own personal use and is linked to your account in...
  3. Can I print the chapter that I purchased? If so, is there a limit on how often I can print the file out?
    The chapters (electronic content) can be printed as many times as you want. There is no limit for t...
  4. I downloaded the first chapter and donít like it. Can I return it or get a credit for it?
    Digital downloadable products are not returnable and we will not credit your account unless you are ...
  5. What happens if I tried to download the chapter, but it wasnít successful?
    If you have technical difficulties, please search our technical HELP section first. If you are unab...
  6. How long do I have to download the chapter?
    The download link will be sent to you in the confirmation email. You may start the download at any t...
  7. How many times can I download a chapter I have purchased?
    Each chapter can be downloaded 1 time. Afterwards the link expires and cannot be used anymore. You...
  8. How do I access and read the chapter (electronic content) I purchased?
    You will receive a confirmation email after you purchase the chapter (electronic content). This ema...
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