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What is Insight?
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Random House has created the Insight Service: a set of programming tools that allow internet applications to view and search digitized book content. Through the Insight Service, keyword searches can get inside actual book content and find matches against the full text of the book. Insight can then serve up the pages of the book in different formats depending on the needs of the developer: for example, pages can be displayed in high-quality image formats for optimal viewing or speedy little thumbnails for quick review.

Insight is a business-to-business digital page service developed to address the relationship between book publishers, their digital content and retail partners. Random House has developed a simple set of URL requests that gives search engines and online retailers access to digitized book content over the Web. These requests can bring book page views, keyword title searches and search-inside functionality into your retail website.

Insight overviews, use cases, technical specifications, and contacts can be found Insight/">here.

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