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The Feast of Love
A Novel
by Charles Baxter

"A near perfect book, as deep as it is broad in its humaneness, comedy and wisdom." --The Washington Post Book World

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  • About the Film

    Now a major motion picture from MGM/Lakeshore Entertainment starring Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinear, Radha Mitchell, Jane Alexander, Alexa Davalos, Toby Hemingway, Selma Blair, Stana Katic, Billy Burke, Fred Ward, and Erika Marozsan, and directed by Robert Benton.

    About the Book

    A New York Times Notable Book
    National Book Award Finalist

    Late one night, a man wakes from a bad dream and decides to take a walk through his neighborhood. After catching sight of two lovers entangled on the football field, he comes upon Bradley Smith, friend and fellow insomniac, and Bradley begins to tell a series of tales--a luminous narrative of love in all it's complexity.

    We meet Kathryn, Bradley's first wife, who leaves him for another woman, and Diana, Bradley's second wife, more suitable as a mistress than a spouse. We meet Chloé and Oscar, who dream of a life together far different from the sadness they have known. We meet Esther and Harry, whose love for their lost son persists despite his contempt for them. And we follow Bradley on his nearly magical journey to conjugal happiness.

    "Rich, juicy . . . completely engrossing. [Baxter] builds a community right on the page before us, using a glittering eye, a silvery tongue--and just a little moonlight." --The New York Times Book Review

    "We are treated to nothing less than a full and rich exploration of love in all varieties and ages and stages . . . in this most generous novel, a bittersweet comedy that resonates long in the imagination."
    --Chicago Tribune

    About the Author

    Charles Baxter lives in Minneapolis and teaches at the University of Minnesota. He is the author of seven other works of fiction, including Believers, Harmony of the World, Through the Safety Net, and Saul and Patsy. The Feast of Love was a finalist for the National Book Award.



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