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The Debs
Written by Susan McBride
August 2008 | $8.99

LAURA DELACROIX BELL—this dazzling trust fund girl’s size 14 figure doesn’t stop her from attracting the sexiest scoundrel in town, or the admiring eye of the Glass Slipper Club. However, a salacious secret could take her out of the running.

Michelle “Mac” Mackenzie—brainy, cynical, and maybe a tad judgmental, Mac would rather...

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Also available as an eBook.

Very Bad Things
Written by Susan McBride
October 2015 | $9.99

A dark, moody, boarding-school murder mystery teens won’t be able to put down.
Katie never thought she’d be the girl with the popular boyfriend. She also never thought he would cheat on her—but the proof is in the photo that people at their boarding school can’t stop talking about. Mark swears he...

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Also available as an eBook, hardcover and a hardcover library binding.