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2009 Strange Lands Correspondent - Jaclyn

Listen to Jaclyn's interview with Tamora Pierce.

Strange Lands Correspondent Contest winner announced!

New Jersey resident, Jaclyn, became the 2009 Strange Lands Correspondent and won a trip to NYC Comic-Con where she had the opportunity to interview author Tamora Pierce.

Read Jaclyn's winning essay.


2009 Strange Lands Correspondent, Jaclyn.

Tell us (200 words or less) why you think you would make a great Strange Lands Correspondent:

I would make a great Strange Lands Correspondent because I am an amazing fan.  I have traveled up to five hours to go to signings by authors much less amazing that Tamora Pierce. I also have an amazing love for books, as well as a love of asking authors questions.  I have emailed numerous authors questions about their books, and they have all responded.  I feel lucky that they have responded and love that they took time out of their day to answer me.  It would be even more of an honor to interview my favorite author in person.  I also would make a great correspondent for Tamora Pierce because I know almost everything there is to know about her books.  I also own over twenty–five of the books, and have read all of them numerous times.  I truly hope that this contest will make my dream come true and let me meet Tamora Pierce, my favorite author.  (I’m not lying, even though that sounds super corny.)

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