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This issue, we've got . . .
. . . anatomy, love - and a build-your-own (ex)boyfriend game!
. . . Jena, her enchanted frog, and otherworldly romance.
. . . a chance to finally answer the age-old question: How preppy are you?
. . . Mia, who's lost her mother and lived to tell the tale - and laugh again.



Anatomy of a Boyfriend

by Daria Snadowsky
$16.99 | 978-0-385-73320-5

Before this all happened, the closest I'd ever come to getting physical with a guy was playing the board game Operation. Okay, so maybe that sounds pathetic, but it's not like there were any guys at my high school who I cared to share more than three words with, let alone my body.

Then I met Wes . . . Read more | Buy this Book

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What's the anatomy of your (ex)boyfriend? Build your own!


Wildwood Dancing
by Juliet Marillier
$16.99 | 978-0-375-83364-9

High in the Transylvanian woods, at the castle Piscul Draculi, live five daughters and their doting father. It's an idyllic life for Jena, who spends her time exploring the mysterious forest with her most unusual frog. But best by far is the castle's hidden portal, known only to the sisters.

Maude March On the Run!
by Audrey Couloumbis

The papers call Maude notorious. But 12-year-old Sallie knows her big sister didn't do the things the stories say . . . not on purpose anyway. In fact, she and Maude have made a fresh start and are trying to live on the up-and-up. But just when the girls are settling into their new life, Maude is arrested—and before you can say "jailbreak," the orphaned sisters are back on the run! . . . Read more | Buy this Book

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Every Full Moon, they alone can pass through into the enchanted world of the Other Kingdom. There they dance through the night with the fey creatures of this magical realm. . . . Read more | Buy this Book

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Better Than Yesterday
by Robyn Schneider
$15.99 | 978-0-385-73345-8

At the elite Hilliard Preparatory School, the competition is fierce, the gossip is worse, and Skylar - the most likely candidate for valedictorian - has got a reputation for taking her relationships straight from JV to varsity, and that rep is about to catch up with her.

Let’s just start right off with it. . . . Collars are:

How preppy are you?
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Cures for Heartbreak
by Margo Rabb
$15.99 | 978-0-385-73402-8

"If she dies, I'll die," are the words 15-year-old Mia Perlman writes in her journal the night her mother is diagnosed with cancer. Nine days later, Mia's mother is dead, and Mia, her older sister, and her father must find a way to live on in the face of sudden, unfathomable loss.

Books are great conversation starters. Try this one on a boy you know - or would like to.

How to Get Suspended and Influence People
by Adam Selzer

Leon's "gifted and talented" class has to make educational videos for the sixth and seventh graders. Leon originally chooses "sex ed" as his subject in the hopes of showing a flash of boob. But as time goes on, his project starts to mean something. . . . Read More | Buy this Book

But even in grief, there is the chance for new beginnings in this poignant, funny, and hopeful novel. . . . Read more | Buy this Book

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