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This month, we've got . . .
. . . Genesis Bell - buddy, boyfriend stealer, or blogger extraordinaire?
. . . a fashionista, trying to find her place in the world...or on the runway
. . . Kiley's competition on Platinum Nanny - the reality show that will make your babysitting gigs seem like a vacation!


The Nannies
by Melody Mayer
$8.95 | 0-385-73283-X

- Kiley’s way out? A reality show - Platinum Nanny, vying for the chance to work for a wacko rock star–or be sent home nationally humiliated.

- Lydia has spent eight years stuck in the Amazon with her do-gooding parents. When her aunt offers her a lifeline–babysitting in posh Bel Air–Lydia hops the next plane to civilization.

- It's just a summer job, right? But Esme didn't count on moving into the guesthouse of one of Beverly Hills’ most powerful families and losing her head over Jonathan, her new boss’s almost famous (and already hot) son. Safe to say her boyfriend isn’t going to like this.

Grab your sunglasses and welcome to The Nannies, a crazy world of Hollyweird backstabbing and skyscraping palm trees, spoiled tots and private swim lessons. But how hard can a nanny job be?

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Confessions of a Boyfriend Stealer
by Robynn Clairday
$7.95 | 0-385-73242-2


About Genesis Bell - Queensheba at 1:02 a.m.

i’ve heard you’d better not leave your guy alone with her! not if you DON’T want to lose him

It’s not her fault - 007ugo at 1:45 a.m.

You got it all wrong! If anyone’s taught Genesis about stealing guys, it was her best friends, The Terribles–CJ and Tasha!

Re: It’s not her fault - GenBell at 1:52 a.m.

You don’t know the real story. It’s not what you think. Just read my side of it, and then decide. Okay?

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Chloe Lieberman (Sometimes Wong)
by Carrie Rosten
$15.95 | 0-385-73247-3

This is the deal with Chloe Leiberman (sometimes Wong):

· She lives, breathes, sleeps, eats and drinks fashion.

· She's half Jewish (father) and half Chinese (mother).

· She’s stuck in the OC.

· She always knows the right thing to wear. And what you should be wearing, too.

· She is a senior in high school.

· She didn't apply to college, even though her parents think she did.

· She's talented but doesn't know it yet.

· She dreams about going to design school in London.

This is her application. Read an excerpt!


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