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This issue, we've got . . .
. . . 3 girls, 1 innocent lie, and 1 life on the line.
. . . one girl's true story of losing her parents.
. . . A prom filled with taffeta, crowns, and demons?
. . . Cynnie's struggle with alcoholism.
. . . and the inside story behind a powerhouse rock band!




by Dana Reinhardt
$15.99 | 978-0-385-74699-1

There was a man. He had a knife. He attacked us down by the river.

It was just a harmless little lie.

Anna, Emma and Mariah concoct a story about why they're late getting home one night, a story that will replace their parents' anger with concern. They just have to stand by it. No matter what.
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Grief Girl
by Erin Vincent
$15.99 | 978-0-385-73353-3

Imagine that you're going through one of the hardest parts of your life - being a teenager - when your parents are killed in a horrific car crash. Now you, your 17-year-old sister, and your three-year-old brother are on your own.

Imagine what that would be like. Then read this book and find out.
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Discuss the amazingly heartbreaking true story of Grief Girl with author Erin Vincent.

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Prom Dates From Hell
by Rosemary Clement-Moore
$15.99 | 978-0-385-73412-7

Maggie Quinn, Girl reporter. Honors student, newspaper staffer, yearbook photographer. Six weeks from graduation and all she wants to do is get out of Avalon High in one piece. Fate seems to have different plans for her.
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The Year of My Miraculous Reappearance
by Catherine Ryan Hyde
$15.99 | 978-0-375-83257-4

Cynnie takes care of herself - and more importantly, she takes care of her little brother, Bill. So it doesn't matter that her mom is drunk all the time. Cynnie's got her own life. Cynnie's the one Bill loves more than anyone. Cynnie's the real mother in the house. And if there's one thing she knows for sure, it's that she'll never, ever sink as low as her mother.

Books are great conversation starters. Try this one on a boy you know - or would like to.

Lemonade Mouth
by Mark Peter Hughes


The members of the legendary band Lemonade Mouth have been called all of these things. But until now, nobody's known the inside story of how this powerhouse band came to be.
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Visit LemonadeMouth.com

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But when things start to fall apart, Cynnie needs a way to dull the pain.

Never say never.
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