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This issue, we've got . . .
. . . Simone, who thinks her biggest her problem is her crush - until
her parents drop a bomb at the dinner table.
. . . a jealousy collection to turn you on to a slew of new authors.
. . . Sue - who's torn between her boyfriend and her family.
. . . a chance to preview Megan McCafferty's next novel!



A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life
by Dana Reinhardt
$15.95 | 0-385-74698-9

Simone has always known she was adopted, but she never wanted to know anything about it . . .

But then she learns who her birth mother was–a 16-year-old girl named Rivka. Who is Rivka? Why has she contacted Simone? Why now? The answers lead Simone to deeper feelings of anguish and love than she has ever known, and to question everything she once took for granted about faith, life, the afterlife, and what it means to be a daughter. Read more.

This amazing book has been all the buzz. If you've ever been in a family, or you've ever been a teenager, then this book is for you.

Want to read more? Click here for a preview. Or listen to an audio excerpt!



Not Like I'm Jealous or Anything: The Jealousy Book
edited by Marissa Walsh
$9.95 | 0-385-73317-8

The person you wanted to go to prom with ends up going with your archrival. You handle this by:

How green are you?
Click here to take the Jealousy Quiz!

We’ve all been there. It’s hard to stop the “green-eyed monster” once it rears its ugly head. We asked 13 writers to share their visions of jealousy and this collection of short stories, essays, and one poem was their response. . . Read more.

And to get the dish on all the contributors and more, visit www.thejealousybook.com



by Lensey Namioka
$15.95 | 0-385-73183-3

Sue Hua feels like the only Asian American for miles. Then she meets Andy.

Andy is a handsome and passionate violin player who happens to be Asian American. Sue feels an instant attraction, and her white friends think they’re “made for each other”–after all, they both use chopsticks and eat a lot of rice, right? But there’s just one problem. Andy’s last name is Suzuki. And while that may mean nothing to the other students at Lakeview High, Sue knows that it presents a world of problems to her family.

Know anything about the Japanese invasion of China? Sue and Andy are about to get a crash course in history from their families. The question though, is how will it affect their relationship?

Want to read more? Read from the first chapter.



by Melissa Lion
$6.50 | 0-553-49408-2

Meet Samantha. She's a runner.

I run to feel my heart beat hard against my ribs, to feel strong, tough and free. I run from school and the good girls, the bad girls, all the labels. Once, just days before he died of a swollen heart, I ran from the most popular guy in school. And then, the day he died, a new boy arrived. A boy I would run to if he would let me, and maybe he will. . . .

Want to read more? Read from the first chapter.


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