The fireworks are finished, there's a few weeks before the "back-to-school" campaigns start hounding us, and summer reading has never been hotter! Check out the first edition of the Sister Ink Newsletter from Random House.

This month, we've got . . .
. . . Ruby Oliver and too many boyfriends
. . . the intense story of a lonely young girl who meets an older man
. . . a trilogy with enough secrets to make the cast of The OC look like the Care Bears!
. . . a bridesmaid story that'll make you pee your pants laughing!


The Boyfriend List
by E. Lockhart
$15.95 | 0-385-73206-6

Have you read The Boyfriend List yet? It's about Ruby Oliver who, in the past 10 days, has:

Between classes, your boyfriend is most likely to:

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lost her boyfriend (#13 on the list),
lost her best friend (Kim),
lost all her other friends (Nora, Cricket),
did something suspicious with a boy (#10). . .

and so much more! Click here to read an excerpt.

And to get the dish on E. Lockhart, her upcoming book Fly on the Wall, and The Boyfriend List sequel (yes! there's more!), visit



by Lesléa Newman
$15.95 | 0-385-73198-1

From boundary breaking author Lesléa Newman comes a haunting story about a girl who is all alone, and a man old enough to know better.

Andrea Robin Kaplan has no friends and her only goal is get through high school with the least amount of humiliation possible. Should be easy— nothing ever happens in the suburbs, right? Wrong.

One day, as Andi walks home from school, she meets Frank. Frank makes her feel beautiful and special. With Frank, Andi forgets how alone she is. . .

Want to read more? Click here for an excerpt.



The Silver Beach trilogy
by Diane Schwemm
$3.99 each

Can't wait for the next season of The OC? Satisfy your craving for drama and scandal with the Silver Beach trilogy while sunning yourself this summer . . .


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