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Meet Polly from 3 Willows

When I think of the first day of my friendship with Jo and Ama, I think of the three of us running with our backpacks and potted plants on the first day of third grade.

Now when I leave school I pack up my things and spend time at the library before I go home. Sometimes I sit with Ama out of habit. I wonder if it will be that way next year, when we’re in high school. Sometimes I think we’re going in different directions. I hope I’m not going to be alone in high school. But maybe I don’t need my friends as much as I think I do.

It’s just my mom and me. When I was a kid Dia (my mother), did a sculpture. She won a big national award. The sculpture was cast in bronze and put in the plaza in front of a building downtown with a plaque in front of it. Dia has short inky hair and a gold stud in the side of her nose. She likes blasting old punk rock music and being interesting

I don’t want to be interesting. Maybe it’s okay when you’re grown up and you can be in control of it, but being interesting in middle school and high school isn’t fun at all.

I really want to go to modeling camp this summer. I found out about it online. You get to learn about fashion and photography and fitness. My lips are big, my eyes are dark and big, my nose isn’t small, exactly, my hips stick out, and my bra size is 34D. But everyone knows models wear tons of makeup. And I just found out that my grandmother was a model. If I lose some weight, I might have a good shot. I eat a lot of meals by myself. So if I skip them, no one really notices.

I like to imagine myself as a model. I wonder what everyone at school would think if they saw me in a magazine. What would Jo think? And Ama?

What would I think?


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