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Meet Jo from 3 Willows

So this is the last summer before high school. I’m spending it at my family’s beach house. Except there isn’t much family, there, really. Just my mom and me. My dad decided to stay in Bethesda and work this summer. He’s a doctor. A top surgeon. After my older brother, Finn, died before I started fifth grade, he got a lot busier at the hospital. We don’t talk about Finn much. Ever, really. Actually we don’t talk much at all as a family. That’s probably why my parents are going to get a divorce. My dad is probably going to date all the pretty young nurses at his hospital. All a trial separation will prove is that we’re all separated already.

My friend Bryn helped me get a job as a bus girl at the Surfside, this big crab house in Rehoboth Beach, where our house is. There are some cool people from my school working here. It’s one of the few places you can get a job when you’re fourteen.

I kind of started hanging out with some new people in seventh grade. Bryn and Kylie and Marie. It’s not that I don’t like Ama and Polly, but . . . . it’s just that I want to be popular in high school, and I’m not so sure about them.

One of the girls from the Sisterhood, Bridget Vreeland, was a coach at my soccer camp after sixth grade. She was so cool. It made me think that being a teenager would be like that. You know, like having amazing friends and the Traveling Pants. But when I look at my old friends—Polly, with her skipping and weird doodles, and Ama, who can never do anything fun because she’s too busy doing extra credit math problems—I know that is not going to happen.

I’d kind of like things to be different when I’m a freshman. I even did something crazy already—I kissed this gorgeous boy and I don’t even know his name. Ama would be horrified. But Bryn wouldn’t. She would think it was exciting.

So maybe being a teenager will be cool after all. I guess I’ll see what this summer brings.


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