“Brace yourself. You're about to be immersed in a mindscape that you'll never want to leave.” Marie LuNew York Times bestselling author of the Legend trilogy
“The characters are immediately real and with harrowing asccounts, unexpected twists, and gut-wrenching selflessness, they become even more endearing over the course of the book. While reminiscent of the works of Isaac Asimov and Orson Scott Card, this work is a distinct piece that stands alone. VERDICT A great recommendation for middle and high school science-fiction fans.” School Library Journal
“Ambitious, heartbreaking, and
out-of-this-world awesome.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review
“…a stylistically mesmerizing tale, where story and art are interchangeable, and words act as pictures. The more experimental sections may require extra effort on readers’ parts, but the result is worth it.” Publishers Weekly, starred review
“This title will fly off the shelf once word of mouth starts, and it would be a great book club selection.” VOYA magazine
“A completely addicting book, Illuminae is a science fiction novel that will rekindle your love of Young Adult literature, and remind readers of the creativity that both genres can inspire.” Portland Book Review
“Tightly woven and suspenseful, this is one long briefing report about the mining colony attack and its aftermath that makes innovative use of mission reports, emails, texts, ship schematics, dialogue, and other forms of communication—with profanity cunningly redacted. Kaufman and Kristoff have created a fast-paced, quasi-political sci-fi thriller that is completely unique” Booklist, starred review
, June 24
“Welp one chapter in and I am hooked on Illuminae. Getting my Battlestar fix.”
, June 24
“I am in bed, eating coffee ice cream, reading Illuminae, under a blasting air conditioner, LIVING MY BEST LIFE.”
, June 25
“At this point I'm just mainlining ILLUMINAE.”
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