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Here’s what the BookDivas had to say about A Great and Terrible Beauty.

"Before I say anything I just wanted to say that I loved your book! Almost crazily loved! And when I heard it was a trilogy I did the trilogy dance and sang "trilo-trilo-trilogy!"
—Quinn, 14 yrs old
 "Let me say I absolutely loved this story--it was so captivating!"  
—Kristen, 15 yrs old

"First of all, your book was absolutely fabulous.  I read it in like a day." 
—Angie, 16 yrs old
"*Whimpers begs* IS THERE GOING TO BE MORE? Oh my goodness, I LOVED the book. I couldn't put it down."
—Hannah, 16 yrs old
 "I must say that I LOVED A Great and Terrible Beauty. The characters, the setting...just loved it."
—Miranda, 29 yrs old

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