A headstrong girl who lacks those impeccable Victorian manners and the ability to dance with grace. She is a girl who doesn’t do what’s expected of her—either by her school, family, or friends. When a mysterious tragedy occurs she begins to have dangerous and seductive visions and gains links to other worlds, but will these visions lead her to understanding her past . . . or to danger?

A plain girl who doesn’t fit in with the rich, upper-crust girls from Spence, Ann is swept away by the secret group and the talents that the visits to the Realms provide her.

Brazen and brave, Felicity is the most powerful and influential girl at Spence. Always working to command influence and shape her situation, will Felicity’s increasing desire for power become her downfall?

Ever at Felicity’s side, Pippa is a beauty who longs to escape from the expectations that Victorian society and her parents are planning for her.

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