What’s Your Fly Style?

Tell us what you would do if you were a fly on the
wall – and we’ll tell you what it says about your personality.

1. Whose bedroom would you most want to be
a fly on the wall in?

The prom king's.
Your archenemy's (so you can sabotage him or her later).
Your BFF's (so you can find out what secrets she's keeping from you).
The president's.

2. If you could pick a superhero power to take with you into your fly body, what would it be?
Super-sensitive hearing.
The strength to kick bad guy butt.
Deathly odor-emitting glands.
X-ray vision.

3. You're kind of on a limited time budget in your fly body, and you can only make it to one of the four events below. Which one do you check out?
Your ex's date with his new girlfriend.
The school nerds' conversation at lunch, so you can better understand what it would like to be one of them.
A hot make-out session in the back of some dude's car.
Your school principal's session with his psychologist.

4. Let's say you end up in the boys' locker room. What's your first thought?
Oh god, how rude of me! I'd better use my 6 little fly hands to cover up my 4,000 little fly eyes.
I can't wait to laugh at these guys.
My friends are sooo gonna hear about this.
Bring on the butts

5. Once you return to your human body, what's the first thing you do (after crying with joy and running around the block a couple times)?
Tell the whole school about all the secret stuff you learned.
Use the stuff you learned to help someone out.
Go flirting, now that you know so much more about the opposite sex.
Tell your pals about all the secret stuff you learned.

Tie-Breaker Question:

What's your favorite (human) body part? The mouth (the bigger and blabbier, the better).
The bad-guy mustache.
The you-know-what (wink wink, nudge nudge).
The mind.