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Ruby Oliver's boyfriend list has quite a selection of different types of boyfriends. Take the quiz below to find out what kind of boyfriend is right for you!

1. What would your boyfriend wear to the prom?
a. A retro 70s shirt with the top buttons undone, black pants, and an awesome pair of sunglasses that all of his friends are jealous of.
b. A black tux, crisp white shirt, and a bright pink bow tie—classic and cool—and of course he arrives with a bouquet of your favorite flowers.
c. A tux, but he'd have a baseball hat tucked into his back pocket to pull out after his mother takes pictures.
d. A white tux with tails! He loves being the center of attention.

2. Between classes your boyfriend is most likely to:
a. Hold your hand and your notebooks as he walks you from class to class.
b. Leave you little notes and presents in your locker. He has your combination.
c. Walk right by you without a second glance. It's like you're invisible!
d. Sneak a quick hello and a shy smile as he walks by you. He's really not into PDA.

3. The first time you went on a date:
a. You went to a fancy restaurant where he ordered for you in a foreign language.
b. You got pizza at the mall and shared a big fountain soda before one of his ex-girlfriends and a group of his friends pulled up chairs and interrupted your date.
c. You went to a movie—your choice—but he tried to kiss you when you really just wanted to watch the movie.
d. His mother told your mother that he liked you and your parents set it up.

4. Your boyfriend is:
a. The lead scorer on the LAX team, part of the social committee, nice to your little sister, the best at remembering important dates, and always on time.
b. The guy who cracks a joke to his group of friends every time the teacher turns her back.
c. The kind of guy who doesn't mind running out to the grocery store for his mom at a moment's notice, but wouldn't be caught dead at the after-school pizza joint where everyone hangs out.
d. A stud muffin. Girls can't keep their eyes off of him, which wouldn't be so bad if he didn't seem to like it so much.

5. After school your boyfriend:
a. Usually comes over to your house where you help him with his homework and cuddle. Then he gets a call from his friends and has to leave.
b. Has lacrosse practice for a couple hours, then he usually screws around with his friends for awhile. He sometimes stops by for a make-out session before heading home for the night.
c. Walks you home, then dives into his homework head first. If he finishes before 9, he's allowed to call you.
d. Comes to your games to cheer you on from the sidelines or takes you out to get fro-yo before heading home to start his homework.

6. Your favorite thing about your boyfriend is:
a. That you feel special because the most popular guy in your class wants to spend time with you.
b. That you get to be seen with such a hot guy. When you wear his soccer sweatshirt to school it's hard not to smile at the girls' jealous glances.
c. That he is so sweet. He would do anything for you, although sometimes you wish he would be less predictable.
d. That he knows you so well you don't even have to tell him when you've had a bad day and need to be cuddled or a great day and just want to stay up all night celebrating.

7. At a party your boyfriend can be found:
a. In the middle of a group of girls, entertaining them with a story about the time you snarfed your ginger-ale at lunch. It was funny, but still!
b. At your side, dancing the night away! He even dances with your single best friend for a couple songs. How sweet!
c. Dancing to the slow songs with you, but when you come back from the bathroom you find him dancing with his ex-girlfriend he broke up with two weeks before you started dating.
d. Holding your coat on the sidelines, making sure you're not late for curfew.

8. The radio station he won't stop playing is:
a. NPR. He loves to be up on his world news.
b. The local college's alternative station. He knows what's cool the moment it hits the stores.
c. Sports radio. You hardly notice it because you're so busy staring into his eyes.
d. He has no favorite; just listening to you sing along to Joss Stone makes him happy.

9. At lunch your boyfriend usually has:
a. A paper bag full of goodies that his mom made for him. He always shares one of her amazing homemade cookies.
b. A pizza-eating contest with the rest of the rugby team. He usually wins, which is more than a little gross. Is it weird that he's still so hot with pizza all over his face?
c. Leftovers from your surprise date the night before at your favorite Italian restaurant.
d. Whatever looks edible from the cafeteria. He's usually too busy talking to his friends to notice what he's eating.

10. On the weekends you and your boyfriend:
a. Hang out with a big group of people… okay, actually it's a big group of his friends, but it doesn't matter because they all like who he likes, and you are his girlfriend.
b. Usually rent a movie, pop some popcorn and stay in. He doesn't like to go out much, but his couch is great for snuggling.
c. Have so much fun! Whether it's watching your football team loose yet again, shopping for new school clothes or going out to dinner and a movie, you laugh at each other's jokes and he doesn't make fun of you for crying at the movies.
d. Drive around town in his car nodding at people. It is a pretty fabulous car (leather seats, great sound system), but he never let's you drive it because "girls can't drive."

11. As you're rounding the corner in the hall after school you hear your boyfriend say your name and stop to listen. He's saying:
a. To his friends, "She is pretty hot. Last night when I made that goal and then drove her home we made out forever."
b. To a teacher, "Mr. Barrett, please let me have an extension on that paper. I'm planning on surprising my girlfriend with a picnic and sailing this weekend for our one month anniversary."
c. To his ex-girlfriend, "Maura, I know that you still like me, but I am with (your name) for right now. We broke up. Deal with it. We'll see what happens this summer, but for now, we are just really close friends."
d. Into his cell phone, "Yes, Mom. I'm walking her home and maybe hanging out for a little and then I'll be right home."

12. This summer your boyfriend is:
a. Working at the local pool with your beautiful best friend. You're trying not to be jealous, but she looks awesome in a bathing suit, even if it is a one-piece.
b. Sleeping until noon and starting a landscaping (a.k.a. lawn mowing) company with his friends. You're psyched about the hot muscles he'll be working on and the tan that will bring out his eyes.
c. Working at the town library with his mother. It's perfect for him; he can catch up on his reading, have family time, and help people, although it means he won't have those cute freckles you've been imagining.
d. Working as a camp counselor with you. What could be better? Away from your parents, taking romantic canoe rides to the middle of the lake… Let the countdown to summer begin!