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Solace of the Road
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Solace of the Road

Written by Siobhan DowdAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Siobhan Dowd
Read by Sile BerminghamAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Sile Bermingham

· Listening Library (Audio)
· Unabridged Audiobook Download · October 13, 2009 · $17.00 · 978-0-7393-8590-6 (0-7393-8590-9)
Also available as an eBook.

Solace of the Road
Written by Siobhan Dowd, Read by Sile Bermingham
Format: Unabridged Audiobook Download
ISBN: 9780739385906
Our Price: $17.00

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About this Book About the Book
About this Book
Holly’s story will leave a lasting impression on all who travel with her.

Memories of mum are the only thing that make Holly Hogan happy. She hates her foster family with their too-nice ways and their false sympathy. And she hates her life, her stupid school, and the way everyone is always on at her. Then she finds the wig, and everything changes. Wearing the long, flowing blond locks she feels transformed. She’s not Holly anymore, she’s Solace: the girl with the slinkster walk and the supersharp talk. She’s older, more confident—the kind of girl who can walk right out of her humdrum life, hitch to Ireland, and find her mum. The kind of girl who can face the world head-on.

So begins a bittersweet and sometimes hilarious journey as Solace swaggers and Holly tiptoes across England and through memory, discovering her true self and unlocking the secrets of her past.

From the Hardcover edition.