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Imaginary Enemy
Imaginary Enemy
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Imaginary Enemy

Written by Julie GonzalezAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Julie Gonzalez

· Laurel Leaf
· Paperback · July 14, 2009 · $6.99 · 978-0-440-24070-9 (0-440-24070-0)
Also available as an eBook.

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About this Book
“Entrancing.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred

Jane White goes by the pen name Gabriel when she writes letters to Bubba, her imaginary enemy. She’s been writing to Bubba (short for Beelzebub) since second grade, blaming him every time something in her life goes wrong. It’s never her fault! She doesn’t want to admit that her impetuous behavior and smart-mouthed comments often land her in trouble. And now that she’s a teenager, Jane’s slacker ways exude an I-don’tcare attitude. But Jane does care. She cares about fitting in at school; she cares that Sharp deMichael and his brothers next door think of her as normal and start excluding her from their offbeat plans; and she definitely cares the day she receives a letter from Bubba. How can an imaginary enemy write back?

★ “Readers will get a kick out of Jane’ fumblings and successes, both imaginary and real.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred

“The rich details and large cast of characters simultaneously give Jane’s perspective on events and allow glimpses between the lines. Gonzalez shows how a myriad of plot lines click together in a satisfying and deceptively lowkey resolution.”—Kirkus Reviews