1. When you wake up the morning of the big dance, your first thought is:
a. Oh no, do I have another zit?
b. How will I ever dance tonight? I have no rhythm.
c. How you canít believe youíre going to go to another dance with one of your brotherís friends when you know you and Jake (weíll just use Jake for the purpose of this quiz . . .) would be sooo perfect together!
d. Humidity! Oh noooooooo!!

2. Your dream car is. . .
a. A big SUV, you need something that wonít show a few nicks and scratches, youíre always hitting things!
b. Anything but a convertible. You can only imagine your hairís frizziness after a ride with the top down.
c. Any car with a well-lit driverís side mirror so you can double-check your make-up.
d. A car that would impress the boys, especially one in particular. . .

3. Most embarrassing moment?
a. Involved you, slipping, in the middle of the cafeteria.
b. Letís just say your nickname was 'fro all through 6th grade. . .
c. When Jake asked you for a pen during English and you froze. He just gave you a weird look and asked someone else while you struggled to nod your head!
d. It would have to be the volcano eruption on your face during picture day last year. . . Immortalized forever in the yearbook!

4. You love your best friend, but you get jealous too! What trait would you go fishing for in her gene pool?
a. Her ridiculously amazing complexion.
b. Her ability to talk to anyone, at anytime, without an ounce of awkwardness.
c. The way her silky hair doesnít get oily half-way through the day.
d. Her confidence in heels. Her ankles donít wobble at all!

5. After school, you usually. . .
a. Cruise around with your girlfriends. They drive, of course—they all refuse to get into a car if you’re in the driver’s seat.
b. Check out the cosmetics counter at the mall before heading off to volunteer at the soup kitchen.
c. Study with your posse in the coffee shop that Jake happens to work in. . .
d. Pop in your earbuds, pull your hair back, and start to jog.

6. Every year on your birthday your Mom makes a big deal about getting you something practical as well as something you really want. What do you think sheíll be getting you this year?
a. An ace bandage
b. A day at the spa for you and a friend complete with facials, seaweed wraps, and mud masks.
c. An appointment with the best hairstylist in town as well as a trusty bottle of hairspray.
d. A gift certificate to that coffee shop where you spend all of your non-school waking hours with your friends... and where Jake just happens to work.

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