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Thanks for visiting the official Magic in Manhattan Web site. In Bras & Broomsticks, Rachel Weinstein gets the shock of her life when she discovers that her mom and her younger sister, Miri, are both . . . witches! In Frogs & French Kisses, Rachel and her witchy family are back-- Miri is busy zapping up ways to save the world, while Mom has gone boy crazy and become a magicaholic. Of course, Rachel has a way better plan for what magic should be used for: casting a love spell on her number one crush, Raf Kosravi. In Spells & Sleeping Bags, Rachel is leaving Manhattan behind for a summer at sleep away camp. Magic is sure to come in handy as she faces all new adventures-like canoe trips, camp socials and trying to finally kiss Raf!

In the brand-new Magic in Manhattan book, Parties & Potions, Rachel and Miri are both debuting at a magical party called a Samsorta, a debutante ball for witches. And it wouldn't be a ball without warlocks. Cute ones. Like sweet and charming Adam. Of course, Rachel is still madly in love with Raf. . .

Rachel knows Raf likes her. Maybe even, gulp, loves her. But Raf doesn't know her secret. Unlike Adam, Raf doesn't know who she really is. And she can never tell him. Or can she?

I hope you like the new book. I also hope you like the site! It has book excerpts, trailers, tour info, stuff about me, stuff about my not-so-magical sister, and some spells that we non-witches can practice. Enjoy!


Hugs & wishes,


Sarah Mlynowski
Novelist & Wannabe Witch

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Parties & Potions
Everyone’s preparing for a magical party called a samsorta— debutante ball for witches. And it wouldn’t be a ball without warlocks. But of course, Rachel is madly in love with her boyfriend, Raf. So why can’t she bring herself to tell Adam—funny, charming Adam—that Raf exists?...

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