Welcome to The Books of Ember! If you've been following the story, you've traveled with two young people, Lina and Doon, through the streets and tunnels of a dark and dying city in THE CITY OF EMBER, and then to an isolated village about to erupt into conflict in THE PEOPLE OF SPARKS. In the third book, THE PROPHET OF YONWOOD, you've gone back in time, to a town where a woman's fiery vision predicted the future.

Now it's time to bring the story to a close. In the fourth and final book of Ember, THE DIAMOND OF DARKHOLD, Lina and Doon once again confront a desperate situation. It's winter. Cold, hunger, and illness have descended on the village of Sparks. When a roamer comes to town—a rather strange roamer—Doon makes a remarkable discovery. To him, it seems the summons to a quest. Lina isn't so sure. But they go, and what they find changes their world.

The City of Ember is now a movie, produced by Walden Media. Bill Murray stars as the mayor.

I'm thrilled that the world of Ember has intrigued so many readers; I've heard from people all over America and in many other countries as well. Now I hope you'll take the last leg of the journey with Lina and Doon and see what lies ahead for their world—and maybe for our world, too.

--Jeanne DuPrau


The Diamond of Darkhold
The fourth and final book of Ember
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The City of Ember
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The City of Ember movie
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