28/05 04:25:05

I refuse to give CJ much more air time on my blog. A few sentences and then she is so history. She doesn't deserve my attention. In case you haven't noticed, Miz Snotass of the Century was too lazy to write more than a few entries in her own blog. Not that what she wrote was worth reading. All she did lately was whine, whine, whine anyway. About how girls were always hating on her becuz she is soooo beautiful. And how too many guys love her becuz she is soooo beautiful. Can ya hear me hurling over here?

Cher just IMed me and this new girl I met on a local amateur indie film shoot IMed me too. Cher and Lita (the new girl) both told me to get over the Terribles and to move on. Lita goes to this junior college and doesn't even know CJ and Tasha, so it's easy for her to ignore them. Cher is intensely artsy and goth and can pretend to ignore them. CJ and Tasha refuse to fade off into the sunset.

Cher and I hang together once in a while. She's not a bad chick. She thinks Angela and Shay are too funny for words. She loves watching them in action. Competing who can quote the most psalms while at the same time getting their toe nails French manicured and their thighs sea weed wrapped (to squeeze out cellulite--I know :-p). Yeah, Kenny is still in the picture, but I don't know why. Maybe Angela slips him a Mickey whenever he comes over.

It's the only thing that can explain his crazy, dreamy-eyed, droid-like devotion to my mother.

Oops. Chi just IMed me. He wants me to go to this new bakery that makes huge empanadas. I said no, though I'm totally hungry right now. I'm trying to keep stuff with Chi on a low setting. He gets way too intense and Lifetime TV if I let him.

I told you guys I was not going there. And I meant it. For real.

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