11/06 10:17:32

Well, I knew CJ was lazy, but this is too much. She's got Greta fighting her battles now. CJ probably realized that all that typing on her PC was ruining her fake nails.

Anyway, Greta Camporelli started a really, really lame blog called Terribles--so Terribly Cool. She is supposedly writing this just for the hell of it, but I know she is trying to dig at me. Real evidence to come.

I really took Cher and Lita's advice and have been ignoring the witches of Jamaica Plains, but it's hard when everyone, including Chi, is sending me links or cut and pastes from Greta's blog.

The latest is how the three of them got matching tatoos with a number 3 linked to a big T. Greta even scanned a pic of her thigh (ugh--picture pasty white sticks with lots of veins showing) with the tat on it for her blog.

How sad can you get. They've got to be temporary tats. Otherwise, this is too weird for words. At least the Terribles weren't freaks when I was part of the picture. Greta is such a kiss-ass though that they've lost their minds.

All Greta talks about is how awesome CJ and Tasha are and how loyal they are as friends. That shows that Greta is either drugged out of her mind or pathetically blind
and beyond stupid. She is sooo creepy. She is always glaring at me at school and walking by my locker like she is trying to intimidate me or something. Hello--can we say stalker? Seriously, though she never mentions me by name in her dumb-ass blog. She just talks about unnamed "enemies" who are out to get the Terribles. Pulease.

Of course CJ and Tasha have her being the latest Jan Brady--running interference with their latest male victims, but don't tell Greta that.

Greta doesn't have a man of her own. Oh no. CJ and Tasha need a full time girl slave to take care of them.

Enough! I've got to really ignore them. So, please guys, and I mean everyone (Chi too!) no more emails about Greta and the rest of the coven.

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