Author Spotlight
Eleanora Tate

Photo © 2003 Zack E. Hamlett, III

Eleanora Tate

“I like to write books for folks age 9 through age 99, and I like to write about African Americans so that readers of all colors can get a truer viewpoint of who we are, and how important our history, past and present, is to America and to the world.”—Eleanora E. Tate

Eleanora E. Tate’s books have received several honors including a Parents’ Choice Award.


Acclaimed author Eleanora E. Tate feels strongly about creativity. “A nation survives by the creativity of its people who perpetuate the arts. When the arts decline, the nation declines; when the arts flourish, the nation flourishes.”... Read More

The Secret of Gumbo Grove
Written by Eleanora Tate

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