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“Jennifer Niven, first of all, how dare you. Secondly, ouch. Lastly, thank you. Niven delivers the most beautifully composed and relevant YA novel the genre has seen in a long time.
—Briana, Orange, CA
BRIGHT PLACE: Giant beanbag sleepovers with my best girls

Profound and meaningful, yet still something teens will want to read and understand. . . . I literally could not put this book down.
—Regan, age 15, Long Island, NY
BRIGHT PLACE: In the summer right before dusk, when it’s still light but there’s a bluishness about everything

“I was invested from the first page to the very last. . . . I will be making all my friends (even the weird ones who don’t enjoy books) read this. I am confident they will find it ‘lovely.’”
—Chameli, age 16, Houston, TX

“If you’re looking for a book to send you spiraling into alternating hysterical fits of laughter or crying, then look no further. Heartbreaking, poignant, and achingly lovely; debut YA novels don’t get much better than this.
—Jordan, age 21, Fountain Valley, CA

The emotions were so deep and so FELT. All the Bright Places is the kind of book every teenager should read to truly understand the repercussions of words and ignorance.”
—Lara, age 22, Los Angeles, CA
BRIGHT PLACE: Fall, when the skies are still blue but the leaves have changed color

Enthralling. . . . Jennifer Niven captures the nuances of the teenage narrative, making All the Bright Places an honest and meaningful read. Be prepared for lots of tears.
—Tracey, age 15, Los Angeles, CA
BRIGHT PLACE: The corner of Sunset and Burlingame at golden hour

A story that demands to be read. Filled with searing clarity and messy, confusing love, All the Bright Places is everything young adult contemporary can and should be. Fiercely original, hard-hitting, and courageous, it’s an emotional roller coaster that pierces the heart and captures the imagination. It’s brutally honest and brilliantly written. Jennifer Niven is an incredible new voice in teen fiction. Extraordinary.
—Arianne, Ireland
BRIGHT PLACE: Anywhere on horseback

[All the Bright Places] will warm your soul, then tear it apart and . . . settle in the brightest place of your heart.
—Steysha, age 19, Kiev, Ukraine
BRIGHT PLACE: The botanical garden near my home—the singing of the birds, the rustle of the leaves, and the fresh air bring me peace

You will care about these characters in the first pages and think about them long after. . . . All the Bright Places super-charges the soul and awakens in us the understanding that others have been to that deep loneliness, have found a way to make it lovely, and through that loveliness have found their way back into the world.”
—R. Shannon Duval

All the Bright Places hit me in the feelings and never let me go. I laughed, cried, fumed, and wished I read this when I was 15. More than anything, it reminded me of how important people are, and how important it is to get out of our own heads and care deeply for someone else.”
—Brittany, age 22, Los Angeles, CA
BRIGHT PLACE: My grandma, the woman whose unconditional love I’ll never deserve

“Time received: 11 am. Time finished: 10:47 pm. . . . My heart was just torn into pieces. Complex. And heartbreaking. I couldn’t stop reading till I finished. And I did. And yeah. And my goodness. . . . It was amazing.”
—Annalise von Sprecken, age 15, Holly Springs, NC
BRIGHT PLACE: Holden Beach, North Carolina—a place where only good things can happen, like my own perfect universe by the sea

“Jennifer Niven has written a soul-piercing, raw and funny, honest and sad story that is so real, so true, you feel like you know Finch and Violet. . . . A story that I’ll never forget, one that celebrates the wild ones and does not judge them for being different. That, to me, is the brightest place of all.”
—Jerri S.
BRIGHT PLACE: Stone Mountain State Park in Traphill, North Carolina

I lost myself in All the Bright Places. . . . It’s rare that I find a character that resonates with me strongly, but Finch did. . . .The only word I can think of to describe it is lovely.
—L. L. Lemke, age 25, Oconomowoc, WI
BRIGHT PLACE: Anime Central

“Like a literary lost and found, All the Bright Places is more than a book, it’s a journey to the center of the heart, where true connection can never be broken.”
—Christine, Milwaukee, WI
BRIGHT PLACE: Lake Michigan

I found myself truly invested in the characters within the first few pages. The emotion and depth were captivating! [All the Bright Places] is a pure work of the heart.
—Jen, age 31, Oconomowoc, WI
BRIGHT PLACE: Ocean sunrise

All the Bright Places is a story of candor, resonance, and beauty. . . . Jennifer Niven purely illustrates a new ‘bright place’ for her readers with every turn of the page.”
—Morgan C., age 24, Winston-Salem, NC
BRIGHT PLACE: My little sister

Sincere and relatable. . . . No matter what situations someone comes from, All the Bright Places will make you lovely.
—Briana, age 21, Orange County, CA
BRIGHT PLACE: Warm hugs from best friends

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