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Mistakes That Worked

By: Charlotte Foltz Jones
illustrated by: John O'Brien
Imprint: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780399552021
2016-10-11 - $12.99

Do you know how many things in your daily life were invented by accident?
SANDWICHES came about when an English earl was too busy gambling to eat his meal and needed to keep one hand free. POTATO CHIPS were first cooked by a chef who was furious when a customer complained that his fried potatoes weren’t thin enough. Coca-Cola, Silly Putty, and X rays have fascinating stories behind them too! Their unusual tales, and many more, along with hilarious cartoons and weird, amazing facts, make up this fun-filled book about everyday items that had surprisingly haphazard beginnings.
 “A splendid book that is as informative as it is entertaining . . . a gem.” —Booklist, Starred