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Where's Mommy?

By: Beverly Donofrio
illustrated by: Barbara McClintock
Formats: Hardcover
Imprint: Schwartz & Wade
ISBN: 9780375844232
2014-03-11 - $17.99

A companion picture book to Mary and the Mouse, the Mouse and Mary, Maria that makes for perfect bedtime reading!

In this companion to the acclaimed picture book Mary and the Mouse, the Mouse and Mary, Maria (Mary's daughter) and Mouse Mouse (Mouse's daughter) are looking for their mothers. They're not in their bedrooms, their car and cart are still in the driveway, and they are not in the gazebo or under the mushroom! Where could they be? Well, turns out Mary and the Mouse are great friends—just like Maria and Mouse Mouse—and soon the new generation is in on the old generation's secret, and vice versa.

Sparingly told and beautifully illustrated, this book is every bit as charming as its predecessor. Kids will pore over the minute details of a mouse's parallel world.