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I Will Chomp You!

By: Jory John
illustrated by: Bob Shea
Formats: Hardcover, eBook, eBook
Imprint: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780385389860
2015-08-04 - $17.99

STOP RIGHT THERE. Don’t move a muscle, buster. Stay out of this book or I WILL CHOMP YOU!
So says the not-so-fierce inhabitant of I Will Chomp You!, a tale of deception, greed . . . and cake!
In their funny read-aloud, Jory John and Bob Shea bring a fresh twist to a time-tested blueprint as their little monster threatens, reasons, and pleads with readers to go no further in the book because he will NOT share his beautiful, delicious cakes. Children will identify with the monster’s high valuation of his possessions, and (importantly) will laugh at the silly measures he takes to protect them.

"A monster’s reign of terror begins even before the title page: “HEY. GO AWAY.” Turn to the title page and there the monster waits, blue-skinned and angry-eyed: “I WILL CHOMP YOU!” As the reader turns the pages, the monster’s direct-address threats increase: “If you turn any more pages…I WILL CHOMP YOU, BUSTER!” Another page turn and the monster is even angrier: “NOW QUIT IT!” Until finally, “HEY! I’m warning you! You’ve been officially WARNED! CHOMP!” Unfortunately for the monster, the reader is just too fast, and its chomp misses the mark. The monster proceeds to bite, yell, and barrel its way through the pages, repeatedly trying to halt-by-chomping the reader from reaching its secret hidden in the back pages of the book (psst, it’s cake). This book, written entirely as monster monologue, is all bright colors and sharp edges, creating a feeling of temper-tantrum immediacy that matches the silly-angry words. Shea’s illustrations are bold but not too busy, giving the impression of fast movement and strong emotions, and the striped shirt–wearing monster is lovable in an ankle-biting kind of way. The fast pace, funny faces, and silly secret make this a great read-aloud." — Siân Gaetano THE HORN BOOK

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Stay out of this blog, or you might get CHOMPED!
August 04, 2015

Stay out of this blog, or you might get CHOMPED!

We wouldn’t want to spoil the delightful end of Jory John and Bob Shea’s first picture book collaboration, but you already know it features a Chomp monster, who definitely doesn’t want you to turn the page.

This little monster has a sweet tooth, and no inclination towards sharing. Sounds like a few picture book readers we might know.

There are a few times during the school day where sharing may become important. Free play time, trips to the water fountain, snack time, choosing the kickball with the most bounce.

Our little Chomp monster isn’t quite the exemplar for teaching young readers to share, but I WILL CHOMP YOU is a great jumping off point for talking about this important social skill.

EXAMPLE (spoiler alert!):

Chomp doesn’t want to share the cakes at the end of the book because he wants to chomp them all to himself.

While young readers have a good concept of “mine” vs “yours” this book is a great way to introduce the pleasure of giving. Chomp learns his lesson when he gets a tummy ache from too many cakes. Opportunities in class where it might be better to share than to keep to yourself might include independent reading. Two students can share a picture book, holding it together, and helping each other with difficult words. In fact, we have the perfect recommendation…

Add I WILL CHOMP YOU by Jory John and Bob Shea to your collection. This is one book we can’t wait to share.