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Three Witch Tales: A Matter-of-Fact Magic Collection by Ruth Chew

By: Ruth Chew
Formats: eBook
Imprint: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780449815885
2013-08-27 - $9.99

"Ruth Chew's classic books perfectly capture the joy of everyday magic."—Mary Pope Osborne, bestselling author of the Magic Tree House series

Ruth Chew's chapter books are full of simple, matter-of-fact magic that's sure to enchant budding fantasy readers.

Did that cat just talk to me? Did that button just move? Is that flower petal flying? 

In Witch's Cat,The Witch's Buttons, and The Witch's Garden, children learn lots of things about magic . . . from traveling to the time of knights and ladies, to shrinking to the size of a blade of grass. Magic is fun, but it's also hard, and there always seem to be consequences.  

Ruth Chew's children loved stories about witches, and she figured that other children would love them too . . . and they do. Here are three of her best, each full of fanciful fun and magical mayhem.