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A Matter-of-Fact Magic Book: Magic in the Park

By: Ruth Chew
Imprint: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780449813751
2014-01-28 - $15.99

For decades, Ruth Chew's chapter books about matter-of-fact magic have enchanted early readers. Now a new generation of fantasy fans can discover the magic in these Stepping Stones books.

There's something suspicious about that tree. . . .

Jen Mace has just moved to Brooklyn. She misses the woods and fields of her old home, but while walking in Prospect Park, Jen meets Mike Steward. Together they become fascinated by an older gentleman who is always surrounded by birds and seems to appear and disappear quite suddenly. Jen and Mike learn that magic can happen when you least expect it. And though it is very exciting, it can also be dangerous.