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Mountains Beyond Mountains (Adapted for Young People)

By: by Tracy Kidder, adapted for young people by Michael French
Imprint: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780385743181
2013-04-09 - $16.99

Tracy Kidder's critically acclaimed adult nonfiction work, Mountains Beyond Mountains has been adapted for young people by Michael French. In this young adult edition, readers are introduced to Dr. Paul Farmer, a Harvard-educated doctor with a self-proclaimed mission to transform healthcare on a global scale. Farmer focuses his attention on some of the world's most impoverished people and uses unconventional ways in which to provide healthcare, to achieve real results and save lives.

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Common Core in the News: Mountains Beyond Mountains
May 28, 2013

Common Core in the News: Mountains Beyond Mountains

School Library Journal just posted a nice round-up of nonfiction for teen readers that Junior Library Guild has had on their radar, including our own Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World.

If the title or premise sounds familiar to you, it’s likely because Tracy Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains was originally released as an adult book. It was adapted this year for younger readers by Michael French–it underwent “youngification,” as we call it in the biz!  If you’re interested in more of these Youngifications, which are, indeed, perfect for integrating Common Core Standards in your classrooms, we have a handy guide for you to look through.