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My Chemical Mountain

By: Corina Vacco
Imprint: Ember
ISBN: 9780385742436
2014-12-09 - $8.99

“A gritty, surprising story that confronts important personal and social issues head-on.” —Tim Tharp, author of The Spectacular Now

Jason and his friends live for the rush of racing their dirt bikes on Chemical Mountain and swimming in chunky orange Two Mile Creek. But they hate wealthy and powerful Mareno Chem, the company responsible for invading their territory, polluting their town, and killing Jason’s father. The boys want to get even. But revenge has a price—and more than one person will pay.
Winner of the Thirtieth Annual Delacorte Press Prize for a First YA Novel
“Reminiscent of The Outsiders. . . . Dark and unflinching.” —Kirkus Reviews
“Angry and urgent, topical and timely.” —Booklist
“There is power and hope . . . Jason’s coming-of-age tale, though dark, is full of both.” —The Horn Book Magazine
“Grim but impressive debut.” —Publishers Weekly
“There’s a little something for all readers in this well-thought-out, well-executed story.” —School Library Journal
“The scenes, the attitudes, the desperation are brilliantly rendered.” —The Tonawanda News
“Corina Vacco shows us real-life monsters, up close and very personal.” —Ellen Klages, author of The Green Glass Sea