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Melonhead and the Later Gator Plan

By: Katy Kelly
Formats: Hardcover, eBook
Imprint: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780375986697
2015-03-10 - $9.99

The sunshine state seems the perfect place for a short vacation for best friends, Melonhead and Sam. Fun in the sun is the order of the day in this funny and heartwarming story about friendship, community, and the special connection between kids and those young at heart.
Melonhead and his best friend, Sam, are off to Florida to stay with Melonhead’s grandparents for a few days . . . in a place called Paradise. From the Ponce de León Clubhouse, where everything is “for the convenience of the residents” (in other words, free!), to barking tree frogs and marshmallow-shooting Alligator Distractors, Paradise is living up to its name.
Sam wants to bring a Floridian pet back home with him. The boys set their sights on an alligator, convinced that it would be easy to carry an egg on the plane, and then hatch it once they’re home. The only problem is that Paradise is supposedly “alligator-free.” What happens next even the boys don’t expect, and suddenly they’re the talk of the community. Even Melonhead’s grandparents are impressed—and ultimately thankful. Paradise will never be the same again!