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Moon Pie

By: Simon Mason
Imprint: Yearling
ISBN: 9780385752657
2012-10-09 - $7.99

Tidy the house.  Make tea.  Put Tug to bed. 

Ever since her mum died, 11-year-old Martha has gotten used to being the one in charge. Her brother, Tug, is too small. Her friend Marcus is too obsessed with Hollywood movies. And Dad is just too strange.

When Dad falls off the roof, it's Martha who takes him to the doctor. And when Dad doesn't come home at night, it's Martha who cooks Tug his favorite pie.  But Martha's to-do list keeps getting harder: Tidy the house. Find out what's wrong with Dad. Make us a family again.

This is a funny, tender novel about families, dreams, being yourself—and pies.