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The Outside Shot

By: Walter Dean Myers
Based on an original screenplay by: John Ballard
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Imprint: Ember
ISBN: 9780307539540
2008-12-18 - $6.99

New Ebook Bonus Content:
-Book Group Discussion Questions
-Q&A with screenwriter John Ballard
-Excerpt from Hoops
-Excerpt from 145th Street
-Excerpt from On a Clear Day

When Lonnie Jackson leaves Harlem to take a basketball scholarship at a midwestern college, he knows he must keep his head straight and his record clean. That's the only way he'll have a chance of making it to the pros someday.

But his street smarts haven't prepared him for the pressures of tough classes, high-stakes college ball, and the temptation to fix games for local gamblers. Everyone plays by a whole new set of rules -- including Sherry, who's determined to be a track star. Her independence attracts Lonnie, but their on-again, off-again relationship is driving him crazy.

Lonnie has one year to learn how to make it as a "college man." It's his outside shot at a bright future. Does he have what it takes?