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Carl Hiaasen’s Writing Career

Stacey Cochran interviews Carl Hiaasen TV program THE ARTIST’S CRAFT. Directed by Michael Graziano and Marnie Cooper-Priest for the Raleigh Television Network.

Christopher Paul Curtis

Newbery Award winner, Christopher Paul Curtis discusses his new novel “The Mighty Miss Malone,” his early writing career and the publication of “The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963″ and “Bud, Not Buddy.”

Jeff Stone

Jeff Stone is the author of The Five Ancestors series. He has worked as a photographer, an editor, a maintenance man, a ballroom dance instructor, a concert promoter, and a marketing director for companies that design schools, libraries. He practices the martial arts daily. Like the heroes of The Five Ancestors series, Mr. Stone was adopted when he was an infant. He began searching for his birthmother when he was 18; he found her 15 years later.

Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell are the co-creators of the Edge Chronicles. Paul and Chris first met at nursery school. Not theirs, but the one their sons went to. For some strange reason, which they can’t quite remember, they decided to work together. That was over ten years ago. Since then, they have created several series and books for young people.

Jennifer Holm and Matt Holm

Jennifer Holm and Matt Holm are the brother and sister team of the Babymouse graphic novel series. Share this video with your class as we investigate and go directly to the source to find out who Babymouse really is.

Eileen and Jerry Spinelli

Newbery winning author Jerry Spinelli has written many books including Stargirl, Milkweed, and his memoir, Knots in My Yo-Yo String. Eileen Spinelli is a poet and picturebook author. Now this famous couple have paired up to write the inspirational Today I Will.