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Archie Freshman Year Book 2

By: Batton Lash, Illustrated by Bill Galvan
Format: Trade Paperback
Imprint: Archie Comics
ISBN: 9781879794719
09/20/2011 - $9.95
Categories: Comics & Graphic Novels - General, Humorous Stories,

Archie and his friends have forever been stuck in the latter portion of high school, but after many long years, the story of how "the gang" all met up was finally told in the first volume of The High School Chronicles!
But that wasn't the whole story!

In this second volume, writer Batton Lash fills in the blanks, giving readers an even bigger glimpse of what you missed the first time around.

See what happens when Jughead and his family move, Betty & Veronica become internet celebrities (for better or for worse), and Reggie breaks out and finds himself a new group of "Pals 'N' Gals." Also, see Chuck's first real foray into the world of comics and find out whatever happened to Pencilneck G.