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Night on Terror Island

By: Philip Caveney
Format: Trade Paperback
Imprint: Andersen Press
ISBN: 9781849392709
06/06/2011 - $0.00
Categories: Action & Adventure - General,

Kip’s dad owns an old-fashioned cinema that is struggling to survive. But then Mr. Lazarus arrives, and introduces himself as the new projectionist. When he sets up his equipment, the images seem brighter and sharper, and the audience numbers are better than ever. But one day Kip and his friend are watching Terror Island — a scary adventure set on an island full of sabre-toothedtigers — when his little sister Rose appears on screen! Kip realizes that Mr. Lazarus’s device can project things, and people, into the world of the movie itself and when you’re in the film, everything is real. Can Kip get Rose before the sabre-toothed tigers?