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Skeptics Answered

By: Dr. James Kennedy
Format: Trade Paperback
Imprint: Multnomah
ISBN: 9781590526590
10/01/2005 - $17.99
Categories: Christian Theology - Apologetics, Biblical Criticism & Interpretation - General, Biblical Reference - General,

In this book, D. James Kennedy takes on some of the most-asked questions regarding the validity of the Christian faith and provides factual, well-reasoned answers. In clear, unassuming language, Dr. Kennedy examines the reliability of the Bible, the nature of God, and Christian faith in the face of life's harsh realities. Skeptics Answered affirms the faith of Christians everywhere and is ideal for both personal and group study. In addition, it makes an excellent gift for any non-believer who, as a matter of intellectual integrity, is willing to consider the clear evidence for the Christian faith