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Oooh! Picasso

By: Mil Niepold
Format: Hardcover
Imprint: Tricycle Press
ISBN: 9781582462653
02/10/2009 - $14.99
Categories: Biography & Autobiography - Art,

Crisp close-ups of the everyday objects that Pablo Picasso transformed into sculpture offer a fresh look at the artist's work. With each page turn, the reader's imagination unfolds as the moon becomes a guitar and a dolphin becomes a bull. The boldly-colored spreads and spare text introduce readers to the creations of a master artist, and show them that what you see depends on how you look.Reviews"Budding Aficionados will appreciate the back matter describing the construction details and completion date of each sculpture.” —Booklist  “…this book will ignite readers' imaginations and is both an effective gateway to art appreciation for young children and a fun exercise for elementary students.”—School Library Journal