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Adventures of Cow

By: Lori Korchek
Format: Hardcover
Imprint: Tricycle Press
ISBN: 9781582461397
05/01/2005 - $12.99
Categories: Humorous Stories, Action & Adventure - General, Toys, Dolls & Puppets,

Join Cow as the brave bovine searches for a way home, writes an autobiography, and shuns celebrity. Throughout this hilarious tale, readers will get a giggle out of Cow’s mixed-up vocabulary as Cow meets “cats” that honk, “pigs” that baa, and a herd of scary “frogs” that look very familiar. Straightforward language and on-location photography transform a lovable squish toy into a larger-than-life personality.Spot squish on cover gives readers a touch of Cow.Simple wordplay will delight young audiences.Charming gift for cow collectors.More adventures of Cow to come.