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The Invisible Harry

By: Marthe Jocelyn
illustrated by: Abby Carter
Format: Trade Paperback
Imprint: Tundra Books
ISBN: 9780887765124
04/15/2000 - $0.00
Categories: Social Themes - General (See Also Headings Under Family),

What’s more fun and more hard work than a puppy? An invisible one!

Author Marthe Jocelyn takes readers back to Manhattan to meet up once again with Billie Stoner in her follow-up to The Invisible Day. Billie has always wanted a puppy, but her mother and father both agree: No dog! No problem, thinks Billie, who turns to her mad scientist friend Jodie for a plan to make her new pet invisible! The plan works, but soon Billie finds that keeping her invisible dog, Harry Houdini, under wraps isn’t as easy as she planned, especially in a tiny apartment. To begin with, he still smells like a puppy, feels like a puppy, and worst of all, sounds like a puppy. What’s more, her arch enemy Alissa is beginning to catch on to the secret. Just how long can Billie keep Harry concealed?

From the Hardcover edition.