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Down the Yukon

By: Will Hobbs
Format: Unabridged Compact Disc
Imprint: Listening Library (Audio)
ISBN: 9780739382295
04/14/2009 - $30.00
Categories: General - DO NOT SELECT,

Amid the shouts and the cheers and the splashing of oars, it was pandemonium. “Nome or bust!” I yelled.

As Dawson City goes up in flames, Jason Hawthorn itches to join the new rush for gold in Nome–nearly 2,000 miles away. Jamie Dunavant, the girl he loves, has just returned from the States and is ready for adventure. When a race to Nome with a $20,000 prize is announced, the two of them decide to attempt the journey together in their canoe.

The Great Race across Alaska will be a grueling test of their courage and skills. Pursued by two dangerous men who swindled Jason’s brothers out of their sawmill, Jason and Jamie will face the hazards of the Yukon River and, finally, the terrors of the open sea.