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Jason's Gold

By: Will Hobbs
Format: Unabridged Compact Disc
Imprint: Listening Library
ISBN: 9780739367094
06/24/2008 - $45.00
Categories: General - DO NOT SELECT,

“We’ve got millions!” the prospectors roared to the thong at Seattle’s docks. “The Klondike is the richest goldfield in the world!”

Within moments, the telegraph is humming with the news. Within hours, fifteen-year-old Jason Hawthorn is rushing west from New York City with a bad case of Klondike fever. Jason is sure his brothers back in Seattle will grubstake him, butthey’ve already taken off for the goldfields.

Desperate to catch up with them, Jason stows away on a ship headed for Alaska. The Dead Horse Trail and then the infamous Chilkoot Pass stand between him and the perilous last leg of his journey: Can he make it five hundred miles down the Yukon River before freeze-up? As Jason battles his way north, he meets a Canadian girl named Jamie and is befriended by a twenty-one-year-old Californian named Jack London, but his only constant companion is King, a husky he rescues from a madman. Together they’ll face moose, bears, and the terrors of the subarctic winter.

For listeners who love a survival story told with bone-chilling authenticity, Will Hobbs has spun a saga of courage, friendship, and endurance set under the northern lights and amidst the actual events of the Klondike gold rush.