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Blood Canticle

By: Anne Rice
Format: Unabridged Compact Disc
Imprint: Books on Tape
ISBN: 9780736695954
10/28/2003 - $80.00
Categories: Horror, Fantasy - Paranormal, Thrillers - Supernatural,

On the stage set by Blackwood Farm, a cast of vampires and witches convenes to showcase the peregrinations of the Vampire Lestat and his beloved Rowan Mayfair. Once the epitome of evil, Lestat now pursues transformation. Struggling with his vampirism, he yearns for goodness, purity, and love. In turn, the brilliant neurosurgeon and witch Rowan Mayfair finds herself dangerously drawn to him - but she is married, and her husband, Michael Curry, seeks Lestat's help with her temporary madness. Rice's delightful supporting cast includes Mona Mayfair, who slips into the realm of the undead; her uncle Julian, who seeks revenge on Lestat for what he's done to Mona; 5,000 year-old Ash Templeton, who has taken Mona's child; and country-western singer Patsy, who returns to avenge her own death.