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Blackwood Farm

By: Anne Rice
Format: Unabridged Compact Disc
Imprint: Books on Tape
ISBN: 9780736688666
10/29/2002 - $128.00
Categories: Horror, Fantasy - Paranormal, Thrillers - Supernatural,

The mistress of vampire chic fuses the vampire legend and the lore of the Mayfair witches in Blackwood Farm, where a young American princeling struggles against his ghostly doppelganger and his own vampirism amidst the allures of classic deep-South luxury and ancestral secrets. The brilliant young Quinn Blackwood has been haunted since birth by a spirit known as "Goblin" and trapped within a dream world that spans ancient Athens to present-day New Orleans, a world that keeps him from belonging anywhere else. In order to escape his own vampirism, Quinn seeks out the Vampire Lestat. Returning home, he keeps the fact that he is now a vampire from those he loves. But he is drawn inexorably to Sugar Devil Island, where a devastating secret awaits him...